Junksista - Promiscuous Tendencies (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    9 februari 2018

Controversy. Sex. Fun. Electronic Darkness: it seems like the older they get the closer they get to become Madonna! Strike the pose! Fuck for Love. Ice Cream! Burn Your Fucking House Down! Bitch This is My party …

The hard part with this band is that you easily know what to expect. Yet they found themselves some sex slaves who break up their regular sound. Take the first track Monday: it features Essence of Mind and is the perfect follow up to the classic anthem: I don’t like Monday’s from The Boomtown Rats, but then in an electronic rant with some harsh screaming and sexy vocals. It all sounds as if the sex party is over and we all have to go back to work. The Bunga bunga party is over: tie yourself up! Control sounds after that a bit too much cleaned out, a bit too much under control. It’s all about electronics and an erotic disco party. Fuck for Love is a nice title. The song on itself reminds me a bit of Depeche Mode, but female fronted and with an erotic red line (floating, with a slice of guitars). Monsterfeat. LayZee (formerly of Mr. President) reminds me strongly of our electro Disco kings Daft Punk. It might become a hit if they don’t get sued for it.

Away With The Fairies reminds me a bit of Lady Gaga. Just cool that Nile Rogers was invited to play some of his guitar parts. Love Makes People Stupid sounds pretty catchy. Freak At Heart feat. Emke (Black Nail Cabaret) is a highlight on the album as the sound goes a bit wider as all the previous tracks. You also hear 3 voices, perfect in balance. Somehow it sound as a golden oldy from the 80’s in a New Wave jacket and o so catchy. Ice Cream is all what this band is about: provoking in a funny way with double layers. The electro and the beats are blending in whilst it’s getting hot in here and somebody wants you to start licking the Ice Cream and make the lady come. Burn Your Fucking House Down goes a bit more into the pop direction with some industrial flavours and a catchy overall sound. Bitch This Is My Party, well the title says it all: it’s a party track that reminds me an old songs called: It’s my Party and I cry if I want to (Lesley Gore). Celebration Fornication feat. Noemi Aurora (Helalyn Flowers) is another perverted high on this album with two queens in a bitch fight. Start licking off your fingers! Silence is the last song and sounds a bit like a sweet lullaby for naughty boys and girls. It’s not the best move to close the album like this, but it’s nice to hear something that is so different from all the other tracks.

Well: they did their stinking best to serve us enough variation and succeeded in a brilliant way! Thumbs up!