Blutengel – A special night out: live & acoustic in Berlin (Out of Line)

  Van Muylem    29 november 2017

We are getting spoiled: a best of, reworked songs (making them better than the originals) and now a live and acoustic album with their best tracks ever: stripped to the bone: naked and pure! Our gothic vampire friends deliver whatever they can to please their followers and we do love them for that!

The start with Krieger Master whilst the people are clapping with their hands: we hear a piano and an acoustic guitar. It’s clear that the fans are really happy with this special version. Chris and Ulrike get along well in this special version and fire it up. Another pearl is Behind The Mirror: just listen to his voice and get ready to walk on water for yourself, guided by the piano and the clapping people. Black must be for sure one of your favorite Blutengel tracks, just listen to the crowds’ reaction, feel the fire, listen to the lyrics and scream it out. Sing is becoming a classic track and gets here the perfect piano on its side. It’s a nice duet, nicely building up towards the end with fragility, dreams that gets crushed, emotions, people clapping hands …Give Me is the perfect for Ulrike to unveil her powerful and yet fragile voice and bewitch us.

Wasting the years is a must play and they did: let yourself go on the melancholic and angry flow. Save Us is yet another fuelled classic track that shows off their powers. On this one it’s clear that Chris should have backed a bit so that Ulrike could sing a bit more upfront, but this is just a minor thing. More fragility comes with the emotional ballad Der Regen Faellt. More up-tempo melancholia comes with Lebe deinen Traum. Complete has a magical and pure ending. Time sounds even better than the original whilst it grows out to be a powerful and very a emotional song, guided by a magical piano, acoustic guitar and a silent drum. Wir Sind was wir Sind, Scars, Der Himmel Brennt & You Walk Away takes us to the end of a magical set. Luckily the crowd gets one encore: Reich Mir Die Hand before fading out, leaving a tear and an audience in full extase! Alles Klär! The perfect end whilst we are still screaming: Zugabe! Ganz Geil!

Well, it was hard focus on the songs as the sound of it all is pretty hypnotic and drags you into the whole gig. My review is somehow short, but that is all because it was hard not to let go and focus on the magical vibe. The sound is so good that it feels as if you are standing in the front row, just missing the view! Looking forward to get the next Blutengel surprise!