The Unguided – And The Battle Royal (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    2 november 2017

We are all aware of the changes that has come with their new singer, but it has become clear that they stayed true to their own values and direction. Their newest record just continues the story/feel of the previous album and lots of fans will be very pleased with that!

The artwork is once again just perfect and very attractive, wanting you to dive into the story! They start the album with Death’s Sting a melodic death metal track with some electronics and raging vocals. It’s like throwing a bomb from the start. It’s also a great story that starts and shows us it will be a heavy fight against all sort of enemies and surrounded by all sort of dangers. The Heartbleed Bug has a melancholic undertone and more up-fronted electronics. The lyrics tells us a story of a broken heart and deception.

Legendary sounds a bit like there farewell, for sure if you listen to the last sentences. Richard Sjunnesson and Jonathan Thorpenberg team up for the vocals in the best possible way. It’s clear that they have become a well-trained team. Dark Metamorphosis announces the beginning of the battle royal and gets reflected by the energy and the tone of the track. A Link To The Past is a nice melancholic song that throws us back into the past. Another Stone (of the world) has a nice referral to the Sacred World aka the videogame (and song) with the music from Blind Guardian and is a cool rager with lots of energy. It feels as if this song has it all: the energy, the rage, the power and fitting music!

Manipulate Fear is another proof of how good both singers can work together and render the perfect sound. I feel like this one will be perfect on stage! Force of Nature goes a bit the same way and amazes me in a positive way. King’s Fall is already the last track and show’s us that nobody is immortal, not even a hero. It’s not the most positive note to conclude this great album.

Well, I enjoyed it and hope you will too! It’s clear that their kingdom is not dead, except if they decide to unplug it themselves …