Amiliyah: a princess and monsters – The Beginning of a Story: Slight The Light (A Line Music)

  Van Muylem    2 november 2017

Once again a friend surprised me, this time I get a taste of a female voice Heavy Horror Electro Metal band from Japan. The monsters around her look pretty cool and as I have been listening already a few times to the album I can say it’s worth spending my valuable time!

There is a nice booklet that comes with the CD, but I don’t understand any Japanese. The pictures show us some monsters that play instruments and their singer in a cool dress. There is a map showing two worlds: a light and a dark world. It has the look of Lord of The Rings and unveils something about the lyrics.

They start with an intro called Tear: at first a piano and the crackling noise of an old long player followed by some beats and synths. There is even an acoustic guitar and a symphonic feel with a choir. Pretty much change for a track that only takes 1.57. Lost starts like a crazy metal track with guitars that go nuts, joined by synths and hammering drums. Once we hear the heavenly voice of their female singer it changes a bit and becomes a pretty sweet track with some special effects in it. It has something melancholic, something typical Japanese and something for guitar lovers. Hide and Seek hammers from the start, with some electronics, led by heavenly and o so sweet vocals. Just sad that I don’t understand any Japanese. It’s a pretty awesome track with lots of variation in it. I can’t wait to see this track being performed on stage.

Moon sounds a bit softer, but has still a high tempo. Sister is a bit slower, but is filled with pathos. I even hear a cello and a piano. Pendulum mixes nicely metal with electronics, a bit like The Unguided, but then female fronted. Serpent sounds a bit different, with some changes on the sound of the vocals and lots of twist in the music. It has the fire and the spirit to grow out to be a great track! The bombastic sound will for sure conquer many hearts. Time for something less serious with Silence that sounds as if a butterfly has taken over: going high and low, faster and slower: going from left to right whilst a nightingale sings. It’s the most beautiful track on the album and feels a bit like a resting point. More sweetness comes with Pray, it has something magical in its softness. Samsara combines heavy guitars with sweet vocals and some electronics. Last track is Shine is a sweet bomber track with the fire within and lots of energy giving it all for the last time!

It was really nice to run into this one, just a bit of a bummer that I don’t understand any Japanese, as I’m really interested in getting more into the story!+