Epica – The Solace System EP (Nuclear Blast)

  Van Muylem    14 oktober 2017

As we can’t wait to see them on stage in Leuven and in Antwerp we decided to review the EP and use it to get into the right mood. We also believe that this female fronted symphonic metal band doesn’t need an introduction.

The Solace System starts with an impressive intro and magical vocals that awakens the nightingale (Simone Simons) in an operatic way, backed up by a powerful choir, symphonic sound, drums that are exploding and guitars on fire. Off course there has to be a beauty and the beast (Mark Jansen) moment, unveiling their typical sound. Fight Your Demons has a nice piano and even a violin, worked out together with the dramatic feel and fitting with the nice title. Pretty fast the fight becomes clear and is nicely exploited by the music and the vocals making it an excellent track to perform on stage. Architect of Light explodes from the start with lots of classical instruments, a powerful choir, hard hitting drums and guitars that hammer you down. You feel the pathos and the energy. Once again you are getting mixed up by Mark’s heavy grunts and Simone’s angelic voice. Wheel of Destiny is a high tempo rager with a melodic side. It turns a bit round and round and explores different emotions: it goes from Black to white, back and forth. Immortal Melancholy is the perfect ballad: fragile and emotional and yet o so powerful. Vocals and the symphonic sound blend in a perfect way.

Well, they got us hooked and we can’t wait to see them on stage!