Ewert & The Two Dragons work together with Brainstorm and deliver a great track!

  Van Muylem    8 oktober 2017

This newest collaboration started with a phonecall from singer of BrainStorm (who took Europe by storm at 2000′ Eurovision contest), Renars Kaupers, as he called Evert Sundja, the frontman of Two Dragons, and the two musicians started jamming in Renars’ home kitchen. “A little more than a year ago I got a call from an unidentified number,” remembers Sundja. “Well, it turned out to be Renars Kaupers from Brainstorm who had a plan. And the plan was to write a song together. So that was exactly what we did, got together and started jamming.”

We all know that for the moment Ewert has no record company and is working on a new album. We saw the band yesterday in a sold out Ab club in Brussels. He was so kind to try out a few new songs. That's the first part of the good news.

The biggest news is this new collaboration: We Wait for the Light is an up-tempo summerish electro Indie track with a very positive vibe. Prepare yourself to dance and jump around on the happy tunes. This song will for sure make you feel happier. Their voices are complentary and blend in as if it was a simply game.

We must say that we long for more and hwo knows as it might actually happen.

Check out the video: