Luceed – Voodoo Pop

  Van Muylem    12 februari 2017

Well, it took me some time, but I finally run into Luceed: the band has been founded in 2008 and travelled through most European countries among other things as opener for acts like White Lies, Toto, HIM, Die Happy, Ezio, Liquido, Garden of Delight, Xandria, Clan of Xymox, Zeraphine, the Crüxshadows and many more… The name “Luceed” appeared in 2009. Time to review their last known album …

I know Oliver (singer of Luceed) from his time Pronoian Made and absolutely adored his music. Back then I was still a DJ and played some of his tracks during some parties. I adored his vocals and Gothic Rock approach. Apparently Pronoian Made is gone and now we have Luceed: they describe themselves as Voodoo Pop or Steampunk Rock. I must admit that I have been listening all day to this album and started singing-a-long from time to time and felt like coming home! It’s almost like not having sex for days and then finally get it and coming so hard that you want to do it over and over … For me it’s clear that Luceed has stolen my heart! El-Xyr sounds like Star Industry at it’s top: hot and sexy with a catchy feel and a cool Gothic rock vibe. It’s the kind of opening track that brakes the ice, perfect as a live opening track and the guitars & bass are just perfect! It’s very hard not to stand still, so just let it go!

A happy feel comes jumping up and down with Clowns & Ruins. The acoustic side and the synth takes over, together with the vocals. Towards the end it gets a bit of a melancholic twist. It’s simply a very delicious track, so start licking of your fingers whilst dancing and singing every now and then. Don’t forget to clap your hands when you hear the drum peddle! Circus Made also sounds very catchy but also has cool guitars (what a solo). I simply can’t wait to see them perform all these tracks on stage! The chorus will stick in your head! What a vocal performance too, feel the passion, feel the emotions! This is simply too good to stay in it’s shadow! Right after that we get the best track on the album: Vagabonds A.D. (reminds me a little bit of We’re gonna make it from Twisted Sister). To do do do … jumping up and down and sing together with Oliver whilst playing guitar or doing the drums! It all feels and sounds so perfect! Come, move and clap your hands: this is the world best band playing (but yet the rest of the world has to discover them)!

Some romance comes with Black6Myth: a piano, a synth and cool vocals with a melancholic touch and superb lyrics. Skull & Stones sounds a bit like The Mission, with an electronic touch and has a good tempo. Koh-I-Noor part I has some Arabic influences and feels a bit like Stoner Rock with a catchy feel. Fallen mixes gothic rock with electronics in a perfect way and thus creates a very catchy and fueled track! It’s as if The Sisters of Mercy are melted together with The Mission and bringing out the best out of it as result! What a blast! King and Mason goes further down the catchy road with very cool tricks and special electric sounds! This is heaven, just enjoy, dance or close all your other sense and keep on listening to it! It’s poppy and hot! Hey Hey! Shout along! WOW! Yet another great and powerful track! Twilight X is another hot track: fueled, catchy and ready to conquer a live audience! Gothic Rock or Steampunk, I don’t care: I just cherish this one too! Praise & Aeternus Armor are two other jewels: well driven and touched by the gods! It’s a mix here between The Mission and Star Industry! I clearly hear young wolves with lots of passion and experience! Revelation 23 is simply the best end track! This song is catchy, fast, rocking, has the best chorus and is sexy as hell! Push repeat all, and on and on!

Luceed won, has my heart and soul! I hope you will follow too? I finally found my great love for gothic Rock/Steampunk back!