Kromak - In The Voice Of Others (SkyQode)

  Van Muylem    12 augustus 2016

I’m pretty proud to review this new baby from Markko B. (the mastermind behind C-Lekktor and Circuito Cerrado). It’s pretty clear that our Mexican friend is pretty active and has been inspired in many ways and unveiling many genres.

With Kromak, Markko explores his abilities within the territory of trance music. The EP follows up Kromak’s excellent debut album Trance It which was released in October 2015. For the occasion Markko has teamed up with several vocalists. The EP contains an extra surprise for all Depeche Mode fans as Kromak offers a rendition of Sister Of Night in two different versions, one featuring Xavier Morales (Ruined Conflict) and the other a duo of Alexander Gladky (Unity One) and Suede Flores (Carved Souls).

Apart from that, there are two original tracks with the voices of Pao Manriquez (Dying 4 U) and Alla Reizenfeldt (Spread your wings) and a remix done by the Mexican DJ / producer DMT Berzerk. Like the debut album, In the Voice of Others was mastered by Jan L of X-Fusion Music Production.

The music sounds very hot, well worked out, perfect for club land and clearly crafted and selected out of a lot of songs. In the first song I recognize a bit our own Maurice Van Engelen (Praga Kahn / Lords of Acid). Sister of Night found the perfect vocalist and I must say that I had to look at it to be sure that is was really Xavier Morales (Ruined Conflict) on vocals and not Maurice! It has something very catchy, almost like an earworm. Dying 4 U has a higher tempo, more Bpm’s and sounds into rave! Don’t forget to raise your arms when the tempo falls down and start jumping when it rises again! The female vocals give it something sweet and dreamy. This is the perfect food for Tomorrowland! I have no clue if Patje and Regi are known in Mexico, but it’s clear that this sounds like as if the made a kid together and out it came Kromak! Spread your wings (feat. Alla Reizenfeldt) makes you dream a bit and go into trance, even for me it was hard to keep the focus and simply got lost in this nice piece of music! The piano break down was also a very nice moment. The version of Alexander Gladky (Unity One) and Suede Flores (Carved Souls) with Sister Of Night comes a bit closer to the original, but with that trance touch and show off that Depeche Mode can always change direction and choose for another sound! Well done, again! After all these positive vibes we close this review with Dying 4 U with the vocals from Pao Manriquez giving you a Eurobeat versus trance feel with enchanting vocals and a nice tempo.

I must say that trance is totally not my style, but I adore Markko’s touch, once again drowning me into another genre and keeping me motivated! This EP is for sure a good taster for what will come and proves that Kromak has it all to make it, so send in the Tomorrowland invitation!