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This Morn’ Omina - Kundalini Rising (Dependent Records)

  Van Muylem    30 maart 2017

Well, I run into this band years ago and even saw them on stage a few times (Nicolas from Empusae also joined them on stage and even worked on some studio tracks). Back then I was also a DJ and used to play one of their tracks very often: One Eyed Man (a legendary track that opened a lot of doors...

Brooke Sharkey – Wandering Heart (V2 records)

  Van Muylem    28 maart 2017

From time to time it’s nice and needed to review something that is not your usual suspect. I dare to try something totally out of my safety zone. Brooke Sharkey is an unknown artist to me and her soft sound is not the kind of sound I would listen to, but her vocals convinced me, so here we ...

Freaky Age - Inner stranger (Gentle Promotion)

  Van Muylem    23 maart 2017

Freaky Age was once part of the legendary Humo’s Rock Rally, actually they were only teenagers back then and surprised many with their sound. Today they have matured and their sound is a bit different as back in 2006, so let’s give them a place in our list of reviewed artists:

The best Technomancer & Angst Pop remixes (Sub Culture Records)

  Van Muylem    20 maart 2017

If you love the retro 80’s feel with a poppy & synth flair with typical electronic drums than you should absolutely listen to this collection of remixes! I must say that I knew some of them (but hey: I almost reviewed everything that this label released over the past few years) …

Ruins Of Elysium - Seeds of Chaos And Serenity

  Van Muylem    16 maart 2017

After creating some fuzz with their Symphonic Metal EP Daphne (I reviewed and liked it), focused on social issues such as sexism and homophobia, Epic Symphonic Metal band Ruins of Elysium delivers it’s biggest project to date, the album Seeds of Chaos And Serenity. Consisting of 75 minutes ...

Moonspell is working on a new album!

  Van Muylem    8 maart 2017

We loved them in the past and reviewed them with love and passion. Our Portugese friends will launch their new album next year, read the full story handed over by the bias of their record company:

Overtures – Artifacts (Sleaszy Rider Records)

  Van Muylem    8 maart 2017

Overtures are a melodic heavy metal band born in Gorizia in June 2003. The line-up is composed by Michele Guaitoli (vocals), Marco Falanga (guitar), Luka Klanjscek (bass), and Andrea Cum (drums). Overtures’ first concert was in September 2003. They already launched a few albums. I discovere...

Temperance, Overtures & Ancient Myth, Moonlight Music Hall, Diest, 5/3/2017

  Van Muylem    8 maart 2017

It doesn’t happen much that I go out two days in a row and for sure not on a Sunday, but as Ancient Myth (I saw them on stage at Metal Female Voices Fest. in October and that was their first gig ever in Europe) was playing and came over from Japan I made an exception. They opened in Diest, ...

Porta Nigra XI: Sol Invictus, Of The Wand and The Moon, Ah Cama-Sotz, Der Blaue Reiter, Hysteresis, Peter Bjargö and Har Belex. Aarschot, De Klinker, 4/3/2017

  Van Muylem    5 maart 2017

It’s not my first edition of Porta Nigra and I can only be happy to be here (again). De Klinker is a nice venue and you have more than enough parking spots. Tonight gets the focus on Neo folk with simply the best acts in its genre (and had the other best acts in a previous edition), so time...

Midnight Sorrow - Pick A Tale

  Van Muylem    3 maart 2017

I chatted a bit with Maureen Morvan (lead vocals of Midnight Sorrow) after the last edition of Metal Female Voices Fest. and today she presented me her new album: Pick A Tale. The music goes from Heavy metal to faery tale music with a medieval touch …